Soldiers carry luggage and gear away from barracks and onto ships. Soldiers walk in formation on a shore toward land. CBS footage from August 29, 1968 of the Chicago Police riots: crowds of police approaching protestors then beating them with clubs. Dissolve to two soldiers carrying a man on a stretcher into the back of a plane. XLS of soldiers running by ruined buildings in battle. Soldiers sprinting then crouching to fire. More soldiers carrying man on stretcher and duffle bags into an H-21, a tandem rotor helicopter. XLS of explosion in the distance. Tracking shot of soldiers diving into cover. LS of H-21 taking off with black smoke plume in background. Quick shot of cargo plane taking off in front of black smoke. LS of cigarette-smoking soldier walking toward camera and dissolve to riot police. Protestors clearing running away from tear gas canister then a man picks it up and throws it at the police.