This clip contains footage of the 1968 DNC riots in Chicago. Begins in interior of a convention, various shots of people holding antiwar signs: Stop the War, Weep for America. The people sway and sing, some hold peace signs. WS of a Chicago street at night. Cuts to silhouettes walking in front of a lit up window, someone puts up a peace sign. People walk through the streets at night. Policemen exit a bus with an advertisement for Gilbey’s Vodka. Cuts to people sitting in a line on the ground, handcuffing themselves together. WS of soldiers marching within the crowd. They stand in formation. Quick cuts of the soldiers’ rifles, people taking photos, fists pumping, burning papers (draft cards?), a Vietnam flag being waved (NVA). Cuts to a room filled with uniformed policemen looking up at an NBC television set broadcasting the protest. Cuts back to night shot, a row of policemen walk. WS of the protest as police charge the crowd. Various shots of protesters and police clashing; police using their batons, paparazzi taking photos. MS of swarms of people running down the street. A shaky camera shows police chasing down a suspect. A man lays on the ground in agony, he grabs his stomach, his mouth hangs open. A policeman/riot guard throws a smoke grenade over a crowd. Ends with WS of protesters running through the smoke.