Footage of protesting and riots at 1968 Democratic National Convention. Begins with a young man being interviewed by several journalists, various microphones surround him. Various shots of people marching and jumping while carrying a large log. Cuts to Allen Ginsberg sitting amongst people and leading a chant, he makes gestures with his hands. Various shots of people in the crowd. WS of a street in Chicago, protesters line the sidewalk. MS of protesters walking. LS of hands making a peace sign. Cuts to protesters outside chanting, one sits on another’s shoulders and waves a flag. CU of a man speaking to the crowd with a megaphone. WS of protesters climbing the General Logan Statue, Vietnamese flags blow in the wind. A policeman yells at protesters with a megaphone. Police push protesters away from the statue. Cuts to policemen walking, they pick a man off the street, drag him across the sidewalk, and drop him off at a bench. A row of police stand in front of a crowd, a man stands between the police and a rowdy protester. Police begin charging protesters in the park. A smoke grenade is thrown across a lawn and lands on the ground. Shot of a policeman hitting a man laying on the ground with a baton.