A huge fire has broken out at the Chicago Stockyard. Animal pens, barns, exhibition halls, and animals are all lost to the raging fire. In New York, Babe Ruth is receiving a plaque to honor his retirement at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. He is shown batting and makes a fly out. A De Havilland Comet plane lands in Melbourne, Australia after a 71 hour journey in which the plane was flown non-stop from England, a huge crowd surrounds the plane. Downtown San Francisco is shown from the top of a mountain. Alcatraz can be seen in he background. There is a general strike and the streets are empty. A police man walks down Market Street. A gas station is out of gas. Some crowds are shown walking. In Minneapolis a truck driver strike turns into a riot. Police and protestors clash and police heavily beat them back with batons. In Toledo, Ohio, the state guard had to be brought in to fight back rioters. Police fire tear gas and beat up protestors. There are nice shots of suburban streets filled with tear gas. The guardsmen drag one worker away to arrest him. At the Omaha air race in Iowa, a pilot attempts to land his plane going 80 MPH and crashes spectacularly, flipping the plane over. The pilot survived and is shown in closeup smiling. At the NASCAR speedway in Los Angeles a car goes crashing into a turn. Another crash occurs and a car goes flipping over and the driver is tossed to the ground.