This clip shows tanks driving across the desert, artillery guns firing and being reloaded and soldiers running. LS of a lot of tanks driving. MS of tanks. STILL of map with animated arrows. WS of tank driving towards camera. MS of man passing ammunition to another man in the tank. LS of desert landscape. CU of soldiers loading a artillery gun. CU of artillery gun firing. WS of man running and going prone. WS of explosions with soldiers in the foreground. MS of soldier using chain gun. MS of tank driving in the sand. WS of soldiers running. WS of soldiers hiding behind a tank. WS of man tapping gunner on the head and gunner firing the artillery gun. WS and CU of man reloading artillery gun. Different CU shots of gun being fired. Soldiers hiding next to a tank. LS of tank in smoke. LS of vehicle firing its guns. LS of men running into smoke. WS of soldiers running past dead bodies.