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This clip shows broken tanks, artillery guns being fired and planes dropping bombs. LS of tanks driving on sand. WS of men firing an artillery gun. LS of a line of broken tanks along the horizon. WS of several tanks damaged and on fire. CU of a vehicle wreckage. POV of person watching guns be fired. WS of man running forward with gun. WS of many soldiers running across the screen. LS of soldiers running. MS of soldier firing chain gun. CU of tanks firing. MS of artillery guns being fired. CU of ground being shot. CU of man standing next to chain gun being fired next to him. MS of man prone on a slope while under fire. CU of soldiers firing their rifles. MS of tank. POV INT of tank looking ahead. WS of man using old megaphone. Different WS of men firing artillery guns. MS of soldiers running by, MS of wrecked and broken tanks on fire. MS of tank driving by. LS of airplanes flying in formation. Bird’s-eye view POV of airplane bombs being dropped. WS of bombs hitting the ground.