This clip shows many scenes of soldiers running into smoke and artillery guns being fired. WS of many soldiers running into smoke. LS of airplanes lined up while flying in the air. MS of airplane flying, rolling and descending. POV of airplane firing machine gun. MS of plane flying low to the ground. MS of plane wreckage. Aerial view of landscape. STILL map with animated arrows and text saying Kidney Ridge. MS of several men loading an artillery gun. MS of a man shouting fire. WS of artillery gun being fired. MS of men lying on the ground. WS of men getting up and starting to run. MS of men picking up ammo and loading it into the artillery gun. Different WS of artillery gun firing. MS of tank driving on the desert. WS of soldiers walking into smoke. WS of soldiers lying on the ground. CU of the feet of soldiers running. Multiple WS of artillery gun firing. MS of soldiers climbing a small hill. WS of the landscape and explosions and shots hitting the ground. WS of tank. WS of soldiers climbing a wall. MS of soldier using chain gun. WS of men running into smoke.