This clip shows artillery guns being fired, men running through the war zone, a map and an airplane being shot down. Different WS of a man firing artillery. WS of men running through smoke with bayonet guns. STILL of a map with animated arrows. Cut to MS of soldiers sitting down. WS of men surrounding a gun. MS of men reloading the artillery gun. CU of man’s face looking down. Pan down to CU of man writing on a piece of paper. CU of person rotating a wheel. CU of man looking through the scope of the weapon. MS of man using an old megaphone. Several WS of artillery firing. Cut to a MS of a man using an old megaphone and back to the artillery firing. MS of men carrying guns running past barbed wire. WS of men running and jumping off the landscape. Several MS of artillery guns firing. Cut to POV of soldiers walking. Explosion occurs ahead of them and they all drop and lay on their stomachs simultaneously. MS of men lying on the ground using binoculars and pointing. LS of airplane diving straight down. CU of the same airplane diving then pulling up. WS of men lying on their stomachs with explosions happening close by. LS of airplane diving in the sky. Cut to a WS of a cloud of black smoke. WS of four airplanes in formation. CU of plane rolling in the sky. LS of planes rolling sequentially and descending. Rear POV of airplane. CU of a hand pressing a button on the flight control stick. POV of airplane shooting down one in front of it. MS of plane rolling. POV of airplane where airplane in front if falling apart. LS of plane falling and crashing into the ground. Back to WS of men who are lying on their stomachs. After impact up ahead, they all get up and start running forward.