Title card reads "Korea" with United Press Newsreel in the background. There is no sound till 10:08:10:00. Shot of Military ambulances/jeeps passing by a stationary train. There is a shot inside one boxcar which reads. "Ambulance Car". Next injured Korean POWs are seen exiting the boxcar and loaded onto military ambulances/jeeps and they drive away. MS of sign that says “Welcome Gate to Freedom” A Helicopter lands and soldiers are taken out on stretchers onto military ambulances/jeeps. Men are unloaded and seen milling about the camp. Some hug each other and are happy. Various soldiers and officers shake hands in a long shot. Next scene is with sound and is of a Korean solider, most likely an ex-POW who is standing and waving to a crowd of press. Someone in the crowd tells him to wave his hand and he does and smiles. The next shot is of a cameraman looking into the camera taking a shot. The Korean solider continues waving as people leaning over the rail of a boat look on.