This clip is from an army sex education video, shows treatment of syphilis, then goes on to talk about gonorrhea. Open on MS of the military doctor speaking to the camera about the warning signs of the diseases. Pan left with a dissolve to a diagram about the development of insanity in untreated men with venereal disease. Shot behind the heads of soldiers of the projected film. Cut to a CU of medical treatments. Diagram of the treatment being placed on the skin as the syphilis infection stops. CU of the mouth of a patient, underside of his tongue shown. Cut back to the doctor, then dissolve to a WS of a military hospital. An ambulance stops in front of it. MS of the doctor again, move in to a diagram on gonorrhea. Diagram of the penis and how it contracts gonorrhea, then cut to CU of an infected penis (this time the doctor wears gloves). CU of the diagram showing germs proliferating inside the penis as abscesses develop.