This clip is from an army sex education video, this one mostly about syphilis. Open on brief shot of the military officer speaking to the camera, then CUs of several soldiers watching the screen. Cut to a shot of an inaccurate diagram of how much life is shortened due to these diseases. Brief LS of the soldiers watching the film, then cut back to the military doctor speaking to the camera in MCU. CU of the view inside a microscope of syphilis. Diagram of syphilis entering the body, then CU of a sore on a penis. CU of a soldier shaking his head. Cut back to the infected penis. CU of a soldier’s face, his eyes covered by a mask. His lip is badly infected. Profile view to show how big the sore is. Side shot of the penis once more, hands turn it. CU of a soldier watching the screen. MS of a doctor applying something to the penis of this soldier. He touches the penis without gloves. CU of the hands showing where the sore was on this soldier’s penis. Cut back to a CU of the soldier from before who shook his head, this time he wipes sweat from his brow and shakes his head. In MWS we see the military doctor again. He examines the mouth of a soldier in his office, who apparently was not so lucky when it came to his interaction with venereal disease.