This clip is from an army sex education video, with views through a microscope of the germs that cause various diseases as well as a diagram to give information about where different organs are. Open on brief shot of a doctor at a microscope, then cut to what he sees inside in CU. Little squiggles dance in the circular view hole. Next, some circles of different sizes, organisms said to cause malaria. Another of circular organisms, these ones causing gonorrhea. More squiggly organisms that cause syphilis. Next comes a shot of a diagram of the human head as a pointer stick indicates important information. Cut to a diagram of male sex organs, then to a CU of the face of a watching soldier. CU of a hand with a skin abrasion, a stick points to this. The military doctor comes on screen again in MS. He lifts a blind to reveal the image of the male body, the torso to just above the knee. Cut to a shot of the image with a stick pointing to different parts. CU of a soldier looking at the film. Next, drawn organs inside this diagram are shown. Cut to a side view diagram of the area below the belly.