Begins with title card with "Los Angeles" super imposed onto the United Press logo. MS of man writing with a pen and talking (no audio). Next is an exterior medium shot the lettering of the US Post Office and Court House in Los Angeles. Three men who are handcuffed together exit building and walk into alley. Nice brief exterior shots of 1950s cars in a parking lot. Next scene has audio and is of the Picerno Family whose son, Joseph Picerno, is a POW solider in Korea. Begins with two young men and two young women sitting together on a couch while an older women, most likely the mother, is standing crying. She sits on the corner of the couch as there is a cut to a picture of the missing solider. Then press are seen interviewing the family. The brother relates that they learned earlier in the day that Joseph is alive and will be returning home. They are ecstatic and happy about the news.