This newsreel contains footage of a communist plane being shot down, a drone plane with explosives flying off a carrier near Korea, generals discussing a truce and ceasefire, prisoners of war at Koje-do Island, and a meeting at the UN. Begins with WS footage of a plane, being flown by a communist, being shot down, smoke can be seen as the plane dives. Cuts to WS on a carrier where 2 planes take off, one is a mother plane that controls the other plane, a drone containing explosives. WS of the mother plane and drone in the air. WS of the drone crashing into a mountainside, a large explosion is seen. MS of US Generals entering a cabin near the DMZ to discuss a truce and ceasefire in the Korean war. MS interior of the cabin as military officials stand around a table. MS of 2 Korean military officials walking to a car. MS of American military officials. WS of the prison camp, prisoners hold wooden sticks and march in a line. Ms as troops and a tank enter the prison camp, troops march together, chain link fence in FG. MS of a soldier using a flame thrower. WS of the camp houses on fire. MS of the prisoners marching with their hands on their heads, American troops hold rifles and march beside them. Cuts to UN meeting about Secretary General Trygve Lie, MS of general assembly. MCU of British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. MCU of Russia’s Andrei Vishinsky