This newsreel contains footage of Trygve Halvdan Lie resigning at the UN, atomic bomb testing, Hydrogen bombs, and plane crashes in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Begins with MS interior of the general assembly of Lie at the stand resigning as Secretary General of the United Nations. Cuts to MS of soldiers marching into a trench. CU of a soldier putting on a helmet. Various shots of atomic bomb testing and mushroom clouds. MCU of a cameraman with a long telephoto lens. WS of an explosion in BG, troops in FG. Cuts to a map of New York and New Jersey, 2 circles appear, one demonstrating the amount of destruction caused by an atomic bomb, the other is the damage caused by a hydrogen bomb. Cuts to Elizabeth, New Jersey, where 3 airliners crashed within 2 months, 117 persons killed. WS of people leaning against a gate, destroyed houses in BG. Various shots of the destroyed houses and buildings. WS of a house being drenched by a hose, steam is seen rising. Ends with MS of police forces around the destruction.