In this home movie clip, a little girl is on a geological field trip, in which she has a snowball fight and looks at a desert tortoise. There is also footage of snow in the mountains, a trip to the beach, and a group of children cleaning a car.The clip opens on a shot of a spiky desert plant, followed by a CU of it. Shot of the desert area with mountains in the distance. A snow fight between a little girl and boy ensues, though it is just a low mound of snow over the desert ground. More establishing shots of the mountains, then of the little girl in shorts and a jacket hopping in the snow. She slides down some dirty snow. Next, a group of children clean an old car. The two girls wear matching pink overalls and blue bows in their hair. MCU of the younger girl smiling for the camera. She continues to clean the car using a rag. One of the little girls examines something while sitting on the beach, then there are some shots of desert flora. A large group of people are gathered for another geological field trip. Shot of strange rock formations and flowering cacti. A man sets up some survey equipment, then people are shown eating (one of the men wears an eye patch). CU of a plate with pancakes and sausage. The little girl runs toward the camera, then there is a shot of her looking at a desert tortoise. A man points something out on a rock, then the final shot shows a tortoise on the desert floor.