In this clip, a little girl goes on a geology trip; people of all ages use pickaxes to get rock samples.The clip opens on a young man running toward, then past, the camera. A young man in a white shirt climbs down a hill. A middle-aged man with glasses smiles in CU, then cut to people standing on top of a large pedestrian bridge. Shots of people camping out near their old cars. Shot of a campsite in the desert, then of people walking by a yucca tree. Different groups of people walk out into the desert; they dig into the ground. Shots of the stone around them; a girl peeks out from behind one of the formations. One of the little girls prepares to put on her shoe. CUs of some of the people on the field trip. Line of old cars on a road in the desert. Shots of rock specimens all over a table; some are shown off. One of the girls continues to use her pickax to dig into the ground.