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In this home movie clip, a young girl is on a geological field trip with a large group in a desert area.A little girl picks into the ground with a pickax, followed by a shot of the road with old cars on it. Brief shot of the desert during the magic hour. The little girl eats dinner with some family members from metal plates. A man in a Teddy Roosevelt-style hat drinks from a large jug of water. Shot of the desert in daytime with Joshua trees sprinkling the landscape. A man rapidly digs the ground up, kicking up dust with his hands as he digs like a dog. Men in Panama hats survey the location, and there are shots of rock formations around the people. Shot of all the people on the geological expedition sitting down. A woman grabs something from a wood post. A CU shows that it is some sort of claim to the land. Shot of people on different levels of a large rock formation.