In this home movie clip, a little girl is on a geological field trip, picking at rock and playing with a little boy.A little girl emerges from a rock formation, no shirt on and pickax in hand. She drinks from a cup at the camp with other diggers. Shot of the moon in the night sky, then of the girl eating with a metal plate. She runs down a hill with a boy, then the two smile for the camera in MCU. Both get to ride on the shoulders of two young men from the group. People pose on different levels of a rock formation for the camera, waving. Shot of the girl and the boy on top of a rock waving for the camera. Dutch angle shot of cars speeding down the bend. Two people kiss, then cut to the girl hanging out with the boy in the bed of a truck. A group of people wave for the camera, some walk down from the rock. Shots of desert flowers and a tortoise walking along the floor. CU of its head. Shot of cars on the desert highway, one with the trunk open. An old woman picks into the ground with large arm movements, then the little girl is shown crouched on the ground, picking into the ground.