This clip shows to girls, usually dressed in matching clothing, picking oranges, playing with dogs, in costume presumably for Halloween, and on an Easter Hunt for chocolate and fruit in their backyard.Two girls stand in a backyard. The taller one runs around the younger one. They wear matching outfits: white blouses, red sailor shorts, and white bows in their hair. Cut to the girls picking oranges from trees in the yard; now they wear blue dresses with peter pan collars and blue bows in their bobbed hair. An older woman stands with them and plays with two cocker spaniels. The older girl offers the dog an orange, then the two youngsters attempt to make the dogs jump up. The older woman holds a cocker spaniel, then the older daughter holds the dog. The girls carry branches of small oranges, far from ripe. They pat their dogs again. Shot of a tree covered in vines with a telephone pole behind it. Cut to the girls in costume holding hands; the younger daughter is in a pig costume, the older in a costume that is half dress and half pant. Shot of some aloe plants, then some red and yellow flowers (poinsettia, bird of paradise flower, and bougainvillea) and cacti. The girls now wear pink outfits and receive goodies from a woman. They pick more goodies from a tree in the backyard. The younger daughter takes out a chocolate bunny, while the older daughter gets a punnet of strawberries. The girls run back to the tree to rip off more goodies from the pliant branches.