In this home movie clip, two little girls are on vacation in Athelmber, B.C., Canada. Footage of the mountains, a bear, and the girls in matching outfits.Two little girls in matching blue dresses and with bows in their hair walk along. They stand holding hands together. Shots of a valley and some mountains in the distance, trees framing the shots. Two animals, one smaller than the other, walk in the distance; they look like moose. A bear walks next to a road, then a woman feeds the bear. The little girls walk up the mountain side in matching pink outfits, They carry milk jugs. In a shot from the porch of a cabin, they play dress up and pretend to sweep the floor. The older of the two daughters wears a robe as she eats and shows off her bowl. She takes very big bites, then gets mad about something. Later she is shown in her pajamas playing peekaboo with a white sheet. The two girls walk along with a woman and an older man, then there is a shot of the old man (possibly their grandfather).