In this home movie, two little girls are on vacation in Althemer, B.C., Canada. They play at a farm, ride horses, swim in a lake, and frolic in the woods. Adults of the family are also shown, including some tender shots of a man playing with a baby.The clip opens on an older man removing his hat for the camera. The little girls gather around a man who pets a dog. Shot of a green field, then of a farm cabin. The little girls stand by a fence in front of this area, along with two women, the older of which holds a baby dressed in white. A man removes his hat as he stands by a truck with a large stack of wood planks on the trunk. A girl also stands by the truck; she wears suspenders and a sweater. Woman with gap-toothed smile smiles next to a man who holds a blonde baby. CU of the man with the baby. He playfully throws the baby into the air. The family, all adults, pose together for the shot. Shot of a bird on a trunk of wood in the tall grass. A little girl holds on as she rides a horse with an adult woman. Next, each little girl rides a horse as the horses are led by adults. A man in round glasses smoking a cigar walks down some steps. A woman pauses on the porch for the camera. The little girls swim in a lake; a woman teaches them. The little girls have a playful fight, They ride off on horseback.