1940. Title card reads: "Roosevelt re-elected." President Roosevelt arrives to a polling place in a car. MS of President Roosevelt in car with Eleanor Roosevelt. President Roosevelt signs into polling place. President Roosevelt enters and exits voting booth. MS of President Roosevelt smiling. There is a crowd around the polling place while President Roosevelt is driven away. Wendell Willkie is the 1940 Republican nominee for President. Willkie and his wife exit a car in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Willkie and his wife are surrounded by police and civilians. Willkie waves to the crowd after entering the polling place. Willkie enters and exits a voting booth. LS of Willkie waving to a crowd of people in the street after voting. James "Jim" Farley is an American politician and President Roosevelt's campaign manager. Farley exits a polling place and waves to a crowd of people. MS of Jim Farley waving. LS of unknown man taking off his hat for a photograph. MS of civilians waiting in line to vote. Fiorello H. La Guardia is the last voter in line. MCU of La Guardia signing into a polling place.