CU of Al Smith and his wife on election day in New York City. WS of people waiting in line to vote in NYC. MS of Mayor Edward Joseph Kelly of Chicago stepping out of voting booth. MS of the Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox, stepping out of voting booth. CU of Knox. WS of men inside NBC Studios counting votes. MS of NBC reporter talking into microphone. MS of men using tabulators. WS of men keeping track of votes on a large board. Men and women sit on the ground and wait for the election results to come in. MS of a woman sleeping on a man's shoulder. WS of people cheering in Times Square. A scrolling marquee reads: "Roosevelt carries New York." WS of police on horseback breaking up a crowd of people. MS of police on horseback breaking up a crowd of people. A scrolling marquee reads: "election of President Roosevelt." MS of crowd cheering, waving hands, and jumping. WS of crowded Times Square. WS of crowd outside of President Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park, NY. MS of President Roosevelt standing in front of his home with his family. MS of President Roosevelt waving to crowd.

Not Explicit