The Empire State Building is seen in the background. A tree stands in dark silhouette in the foreground. A view of New York in the early 1930’s. The construction site of the Empire State Building. Shots of workers standing on metal beams as they are lowered into place during construction. A shot of the partially constructed tower. A shot from above of men working. An american flag is hoisted. The workers wave their hats as the flag rises. A group of people stand. Alfred E. Smith and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are at the front of the crowd. Smith makes a speech, as does FDR. The top of the tower seen from a park. A blimp floats towards it. Views of the tower from inside the blimp. Close up of the top of the tower. A man on the tower sends a mailbag up by rope to the blimp. An aerial shot of the blimp and the tower with the city below. A ship can be seen through the window of the blimp. A man throws the mailbag down to the ship.