Empire State Building after a B- 25 Mitchell bomber piloted by Lt. Col. William Franklin Smith Jr. crashed into it. A shot of New York from above. Winston Churchill and Al Smith stand on the balcony of the 86th floor of the Empire State building along with a group of reporters. The camera closes up on the two men as they converse. A slanted shot from below of the Empire state building. We return to Churchill and Smith. A shot from below of the tower shrouded in fog. A street scene. Firemen blast their hoses in a gutted room. Smoke shrouds the building. An aerial view of the street below. Fire trucks on the street. A crowd of people with umbrellas are gathered. People from the building are helped to safety. An ambulance arrives and medics enter the building. A shot directly down the length of the building. Close ups of the hole formed by the collision. Metal is twisted and bent. The dark interior of the destroyed room. Workers go through the debris. A brightly lit shot of the room with the workers silhouetted in the light through the gaping hole in the wall. Exterior shot of the crash site. Street scene. The Empire State Building seen from a park.