The footage contains the United Airlines Flight 232 plane crash in Iowa City. The plane crashed landed due to engine failure and along with the failure of the planes hydraulic system. Of the 285 passengers and 11 crew members 185 survived, 172 were injured and 111 died. The footage starts with a WS hand held camera shot filming the the plane crashing into the runway viewed through a wire fence. The plane tumbles fast and heavily across the ground from frame right to left as flames erupt from the plane. The camera zooms in towards the plane as it slows, after zooming out again it zooms once more onto the black smoke that begins to plume as the plane stops. Cuts to a wide angle shot of a green field with black smoke on the horizon, presumable another amateurs eyewitness footage but from far further away. Cuts back to the first shot which is replayed but this time in slow motion. Cuts to a very similar WS of the runway through the fence as emergency vehicles become both audible and visible as they screech towards the plane from frame left to right. Once again zoom is utilized and is directed towards the emergency vehicles. Cuts to an helicopter aerial WS of the runway showing the extent of the wreckage and the emergency response. Cuts to a shot tightly framed on the largest piece of the plane wreckage. Finally cuts to a WS of slow moving emergency vehicles from left to right of frame, the pans to follow the movement but soon stops. At this point, at about the same distance from the camera as the vehicles, a handful of men walk through the shot from right to left