At the Huntington Country Courthouse in Flemington, New Jersey a grand jury has been charged with hearing the case of Bruno Richard Hauptmann who is accused of abducting and killing the 20 month son of Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The courthouse exterior is shown and people mil about in front. Charles Lindbergh is shown entering the court house and then leaving by car. The grand jury is panned across as they stand outside and they charged Hauptmann with the crime. Inside the court house, the attorney general of New Jersey, David Wilentz, pleads for Hauptmann's extradition to New York. He presents evidence against Hauptmann including the baby's sleeping clothes used in the ransom exchange. Hauptmann is shown in closeup as a witness, Miller Whitehead, positively identifies him by placing his hand on Hauptmann's shoulder. Hauptmann is lead out of the courtroom.