This clip is a continuation of the Lindbergh baby case from 13185_7523_pt2. The jurors and lawyers enter the courthouse. The wife of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, Anna, and her baby Manfred, are seen in closeup. Hauptmann has been convicted with killing Charles and Anne Lindbergh's 20 month year old baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr., Anna Hauptmann is escorted into the court by police. Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her mother and Charles Lindbergh enter the courthouse. The jury and courtroom all sit. The judge, Trencher, calls the court into order as the room looks on. Hauptmann is shown in closeup as his lawyers argues his case. The prosecutor, David T. Wilentz, Attorney General of New Jersey, is arguing that Hauptmann really wanted the money and quit his job the day the ransom came through. Wilentz is shown in closeup as he rests his case against Hauptmann. The jury leaves for deliberation and the crowd outside anxiously waits. The jury brings back a guilty plea and there are more shots of the crowd.