In Flemington, New Jersey, Bruno Richard Hauptmann has been convicted with the killing Charles and Anne Lindbergh's 20 month year old baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr.. He is shown in closeup in court. There is an aerial view of the Lindberg Mansion that was accused of breaking into. Charles and Anne Lindbergh are shown in portrait, their baby is shown as well as Anne pushing the baby carriage. The kidnapper's ladder, the baby's crib, a foot print in the dirt, and kidnapper's ransom note are shown in quick succession. John Condon is shown in closeup. The Bronx cemetery is shown where the ransom money was left as well as a grass patch where the dead baby was found. A gas station in Bronx is shown and Hauptmann is shown again in medium closeup. His home and garage are shown and there is a closeup of a battered old oil can where supposedly the ransom money was found. Hauptmann is lead out of the Flemington courthouse and it is shown in an aerial shot. The 12 men and woman of the jury enter the courthouse through a crowd of people.