This clip is a continuation of the Lindbergh baby case from 13185_7523_pt3 and 13185_7523_pt2. Begins with shots of the crowd courthouse gathered outside to see Bruno Richard Hauptmann's exiting the courthouse. Hauptmann was sentenced to be executed for the killing of Charles and Anne Lindbergh's 20 month year old baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr. The New Jersey State Penitentiary in Trenton is shown in an aerial view. Brief shots of the jail's exterior, interior hallway, jail cell, and electric chair are shown. Babe Ruth is signing a new one year contract with the Boston Braves. The president of the Braves, Judge Emil Fuchs, signs the contract as Ruth looks on. They get up and shake hands. The scene shifts to a banquet hall at the Copley Plaza hotel and Ruth is sitting down at a long table. Babe Ruth is batting in St. Petersburg, Florida for spring training. The bleacher stands in the small stadium are all full. He is shown in closeup winking to the camera and then hits a home run and rounds the bases. In Naples, Italy, Mussolini's 'Blackshirt' troops are mobilizing to Africa and are seen walking down a city street.