Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"Lindy and Anne, in coast-to-coast hop, set 14 3-4 hr. Record / Roosevelt Field, N.Y." Charles and Anne Lindbergh are taxiing their Lockheed Sirius airplane onto an airfield at night. They flew from Los Angeles, California to New York, stopping once for gas in 14 hr. and 45 minutes. Anne acted as the navigator. There are closeups of the pilots in the cockpit as they stoically look out. Charles Lindbergh climbs out of his plane to inspect it and the crowd gathers. In a nice atmospheric low lit shot, the plane is backed into the hanger and the door closes. Title reads, "Risk high slide off window ledge to test fire escape / Berlin, Germany" A man climbs out of a window and grabs onto a wooden bar and he is seen from the window sliding out of the building down to the ground in a zip line fashion. He is also held in by a harness and there are four men holding the ropes on the bottom. There is a match on action as he nears the midpoint of the rope and a camera on the ground is cut to as he touches down. A woman and a dog follow in similar fashion.