Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Hoover sees 15,000 children Frolic on White House Lawn / Washington D.C." In a closeup, Hoover appears on the White House balcony and waves. The White House lawn is filled with children and parents. Children play with a Maypole, running around the pole holding ribbons. There are closeups of children and then a shot from the lawn looking up at the balcony upon which Hoover stands. There is a nice long shot of the lawn in the foreground filled with children and the front of the White House in the background. Title reads, "Big blimp destroyed by aerial gunners in sham war thrill / Chicago, ILL" The blimp is moved into position with men holding ropes on a beach. There is a nice aerial shot of the blimp rising into the sky. There are closeups of the men in the plane and a shot of a man firing the tail gun. There is a small explosion near the rear of the blimp and in an aerial long shot, the blimp can be seen on fire falling to the ground. Title reads, "News paragraphs / Congress decorates Lindbergh!-President presents medal in recognition of flyers many noted achievements / Washington D.C." Charles Lindbergh is presented a case containing a medal by President Hoover on the White House grounds.