Footage of Washinton D.C. with a narrator explaing the different buildings and neighborhoods, with a focus on architrecture and the branches of the government.

Different angles of the Capital Building, including aerial shots. A bubble appears and shows the congress inside. People hose down the bilding. CU of statues being hosed down. Aerial shot of the White House taken from a blimp, shadow of the blimp visible. Various shots of the White House. Shots of the military buildings. A bubble appears and shows tanks, soldiers and ships in war. Aerial shots of the Supreme Court. Bubble appears showing the empty nine seats through a WS of the court. CU of statues that represent justice and law. WS of the Treasury Building. CU of a statue of Hamilton. WS of Pennsylvania Avenue with cars driving down it. Shots of a military parade marching down the avenue with horses. TILT shot of the Smithsonian Museum. CU of the Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh's plane. EWS of the Potomac river.