An air raid siren sounds in front of an urban freeway. Shot of a spinning radar array. Men jump down a hill as the word “Warning” shows on screen. A crowd boards a bus while police direct people past the camera. The words “Take Cover” show. Flying saucers fly over shots of the Capitol Building Washington DC, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Smithsonian Castle in Washington, identified as Moscow. Explosions are transposed over buildings. Shots of soldiers operating artillery guns. A UFO crashes through a large window into a building and explodes as crowds inside panic. A rocket takes off and destroys a UFO. A UFO shoots a laser. Credits for Hugh Marlowe and Joan Taylor. A couple drives on a desert road as a UFO flies overhead. Several people stand in a strange large room. Soldiers attempt to shoot at a landed UFO. A UFO lands on the White House lawn. An alien shoots a beam at soldiers with guns. UFO attack cities. The Supreme Court blows up. People battle a spot of light in a laboratory. Groups of people including US Military officers and Soviet and British civilians listen to an announcement. A UFO shoots down an airplane. A UFO crashes into and destroys the Washington Monument. A man speaks into a radio in front of a large computer console. A UFO crashes into the US Capitol Building and blows up.