Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"Rush work to Repair wrecked Hoover office / President sees extra force hustling to restore White House wing damaged by fire / Washington, D.C." Hoover walks toward the camera next to the burned out White house wing. Workers are on top of the roof removing debris. The scene ends with a large debris tossed down from the roof. Title reads, "Rules Vast Domain with Annual Opium profits of $15,000,000 / Sui Yuan, Mongolia / Exclusive Pictures" General Ma Fuxiang sits in a living room with his wife and young child. He stands in front of his large fortress and the camera cuts to his poppy field. There is a closeup of a worker removing the flowers from a poppy and using a special curved knife to extract the opium inside the poppy plant. A giant water wheel irrigates the field. Title reads, "New York, N.Y. / Jewels to adorn milady's tresses!-Coiffures demand precious gems for new winter mode." A hairdresser inserts different jewels into a woman's hair including rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.