Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "$50,000 for MME. Curie / Gift of scientist friends for purchase of gram of radium, is presented b President Hoover / Washington D.C." Begins with car driving right up to the camera and Marie Curie is helped out of the car. In the next shot, which is not well lit, she is holding a paper and posing for photographs with President Hoover who is on the right. Next card reads, "King opens Royal Opera Season in Bangkok" There is a long shot of three temples, the one in the foreground is detailed and ornate. Next a woman is seen fixing up the crown of another woman, most likely the queen. She is then shown in several closeups with the crown upon her head and wearing ornate gold armor. Title reads, "Jesters and Devils - The latter are the villains" Closeup of theater performers, one is wearing a detailed hand painted mask which looks to be the devil. The camera is in the theater and capturing the stage as performers walk in, the band can be seen in the foreground. There is a closeup of a man drumming as the performers do a coordinated dance. The devil appears on stage and drives all the performers expect for one, White Locus. There is a closeup of a man laying a flute. Then back to the Devil and white locus dancing. The performers come out onto to stage in a line.