A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.A plane drops bombs on top of a hill; the superimposed words "The Punchbowl" emerge from the explosion. Soldiers fire mortars. Explosions on top of a hill; the superimposed words "Luke's Castle" emerge from the explosions. A plane drops three bombs on top of a hill; the superimposed words "Old Baldy" emerge from the explosions. Shots of hills covered with holes from explosions. Broken, dead trees. Soliders in bunkers on a hill. Soliders carrying stretchers. Operation Little Switch: soldiers and officers surrounded by trucks and tents. American soliders, some on stretchers, coming out on a truck. Watched by American MPs, Chinese prisoners get onto a bus. American and Chinese officials crouced around a table. Soliders in front of a Howitzer listen to a radio. CU of a Zenith radio being tuned. In a large room full of officials, and sitting at a long wable with microphones, General Mark Wayne Clark at the UN Base Camp signs the armistice on July 27, 1953. Medium shot of Clark at the table, reading a statement into the microphones, with many people behind him. Long and medium shots of soldiers in front of a Howitzer listening to the radio.