A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.A Marine helicopter marker HR-12 lifts off. American soldiers hacking at a field with machetes. A helicopter flying in front of mountains. A solider looks out the door of the helicopter. The copter ascends in the background while soliders dig with shovels in the foreground. The helicopter lands. Soliders exit the helicopter. A solider constructs a machine gun. A helictoper carries a large net of supplies and puts it on the ground. The site of the truce talks in Kaesong. North Korean General Nam Il walks past the camera. American officals arrive in a jeep. A North Korean solider listens to a tape recorder through headphones. CUs of North Koreans, smiling and smoking. Nam Il exits a building, followed by the Americans. The engine of a North American F-86 Sabre ignites. Sabre jets taxi down a runway and lift off. LS of the jets in the sky. POV shots of the jets in dogfights. LS of an Iowa-class battleship firing its weapons. Hazy shot of explosions in the distance. Medium shots of the battleship firing. Aerial shot of an army camp, with the shadow from the helicopter visible. UN delegates walk toward a tent in Panmunjom.