A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.A military funeral. A lone man standing among white crosses. Soldiers in line at the funeral, listening. CU profile of a solider with a mustache, and the word "Kaloow" written on his helmet. Panning shot of white crosses. A solider plays "Taps" on a bugle, then salutes the crosses. Over the shoulder shot of a soldier looking at the July 28, 1953 edition of Stars and Stripes with the large-print headline TRUCE SIGNED. Map of Korea with rows of black and white arrows facing each other, replaced by a dotted line. An American solider on a hill looks through binoculars at a North Korean flag on another hill. American soliders on a hill. Operation Big Switch: a jeep drives through a gate with a sign reading "WELCOME Gate to Freedom. Flagpoles with the US and UN flags. American jeeps and medical trucks drive through the gates. Chinese and North Korean soliders exit the trucks. American soldiers helps prisoners exit a truck. General William F. Dean arrives in a jeep, and is surrounded by photographers. Shots of a Korean military base covered in snow. A South Korean solider. Soldiers looking through both regular and periscope binoculars. A long shot of a South Korean base. A Map of Korea with a dotted line through the 38th Parallel.