A history of the U.S. involvement in the Korean War.American soldiers firing off multiple large guns. Explosions in the distance. Shirtless soldiers work with a map. CUs of soliders firing the large weapons. Explosions throughout hills. A solider looking through periscope binoculuars. Muliple angles of tanks firing their cannons as a plane flies overhead. Soldiers walking down a road. Over-the-shoulder shot of a soldier firing a machine gun. Explosions on a hill. Soliders fire mortars. More explosions on a hill. American soldiers meet Chinese military people in front of an Air Force Resue helicopter. Vice Admiral Charles Turner Joy salutes in front of a helicopter with its blade spinning. North Korean General Nam Il smokes a cigarette and walks toward a building, with other officials. UN and North Korean officers talk on opposite sides of a table. A map with animated white arrows diagonally bisecting Korea pointing north, and black arrows above them pointing south, with certain pairs of arrows moving back and forth. American helicopters circle over a moutain. A Marine helicopter marked HR-13 ascends. A soldiers climbs down on a rope.