This clip is of a cartoon with racist imagery and black characters drawn to mimic black face.Begins with interior of a jazz club. 4 black men sing in a chorus, they stand in ascending height, but they are able to change their heights and they go back and forth changing dimensions. Patrons sit and sway in rhythm with the music. The man walks down the hall and stops his feet to the music. He stumbles upon a table with a large slice of watermelon which he sits down to eat. Cuts back to the singing chorus and then to a man playing children’s halos as a xylophone. Cuts back to the chorus who lifts their hats and walk offstage. Cuts to 2 angels smoking cigars and playing pianos with their hands and wings. The man eating the watermelon begins to play it as a harmonica. The piano players continue playing as the man peers out the window and sees a sign for a ‘Gin Orchard’. It is an orchard of trees where jugs hang off, signs read: forbidden fruit, and hands off. The man hops out the widow and turns over a Keep Out sign before lifting the jug and drinking. The piano players finish and clap their hand in a hoorah manner. Cuts back to the man holding the jug of gin who has begun laughing, behind him God has his arms crossed angrily. He states, “You’ll pay for this!” Then 2 large bodyguards appear, but the man merely laughs. The bodyguards take him to a door labeled: Chut to Hades, then pull an old style flusher. The man falls helplessly, but then reappears on the pile of hay he fell asleep on. He blinks, looks around, then angrily throws the jug of gin over the roof. However, he quickly runs after and catches the jug. He wipes his brow and smiles.