This clip is of a cartoon with racist imagery and black characters drawn to mimic black face.Begins with a black man lying on a pile of hay, he smiles at a jug of alcohol and leans back as he pours it down his throat. He quickly breathes out fire and the screen turns blurry and distorted to imitate inebriation. Cuts to him singing in heaven riding on a mule, he passes a man attempting to hitchhike. He rides the donkey past a pair of doors labeled: ‘Pair-o-Dice’. He rides through past rows of black angels with halos. Cuts to a black angel with a halo, possibly God, who holds a cane and sings. Cuts to a black man dressed as a general or military officer, he rolls a pair of dice and then leans over to see. Cuts back to the man on the mule singing, behind him black angels sing and dance along. Shot of the angels singing and dancing. Cuts to the doors to heaven where a man holding cleaning supplies knocks. An angel opens the door and looks surprised. The cleaning man tips his hat as the angel slams the door on his foot. He then opens the door to remove the welcome mat. Cuts to interior of heaven which is a bustling city, its inhabitants are all black and they walk through the city. Cuts to a policeman directing pedestrian traffic of the angels who walk in rhythm with each other. The man on the mule rides to the Milkyway Cafe where he ties his mule by the ears and enters.