This is a cartoon set in ‘caveman times,’ featuring a small black boy, Inki, who is drawn to exaggeration (mimicking black face).Begins with tracking shot to a long neck dinosaur eating leaves, he hears a sound and bounces away; he is quickly followed by another, vicious looking, dinosaur. Cuts to an elephant trumpeting, then to a dinosaur snarling with sharp teeth. A pterodactyl screeches as it flies off the top of a mountain. A saber tooth tiger bares its teeth and lunges for the pterodactyl. Cuts to 2 dinosaurs fighting, then PAN down a cliff and through the jungle to an open doorway in the hill. Inki, cautiously steps out. His small dinosaur pet, the equivalent of a dog, comes out sniffing the ground, and Inki follows behind holding a spear. The dinosaur-dog continues sniffing then points to a mouse. Inki throws the spear but misses and the mouse bounces away. The pair wander elsewhere until again the dinosaur-dog points, Inki throws his spear at a bee but misses. The bee angrily chases the pair to their home. The bee huffs at the closed door before flying off. Inki and his pet cautiously peer out their door. Cuts to Inki removing the spear from the rock when behind him the large distant mountain rumbles. A line of dinosaurs are seen lifting their heads in surprise. The elephant, saber tooth tiger, and a variety of other dinosaurs all lift their heads to the top of the mountain and look fearful. The mountain has rocks rapidly rolling down its side. Cuts to Inki running from the falling rocks. A variety of mammals and dinosaurs run away, terrified as rocks fall all around them. The mountain then suddenly splits, zoom in to the base of the mountain where a small black bird emerges. The bird looks bored and merely walks along, hopping occassionally. The bird walks past Inki’s door who quickly follows behind, mimicking his steps. They pass by a cave.