This is a cartoon set in ‘caveman times,’ featuring a small black boy, Inki, who is drawn to exaggeration (mimicking black face).Begins with Inki and the lion falling, they land and bounce on top of a dinosaur. The dinosaur leans over and opens his mouth as the pair run inside. Cuts to interior of the dinosaurs stomach, lined by a ribcage. The man with the chef’s hat continues cooking his soup, but the pair run by knocking him over, and knocking the dinosaur onto its face. Inki and the lion run out and the dinosaur quickly chases after them. As the dinosaur approaches the bird is seen walking the other way and this stops the dinosaur in its tracks. The dinosaur stalks after the bird, mimicking its walk, behind a mountain. The dinosaur’s tail slams the ground and the mountain shakes. The bird is seen walking and bouncing out. Cuts to the dinosaur entangled in its tail. Inki and the lion have not stopped running and continue up a mountainside. The man in the chef’s hat has finally sat down to eat when he spots them. He quickly sets a trap and catches Inki and the lion by the foot. He dusts off his hands before returning to his meal, only to discover that it is empty! He grabs the bowl and peers inside in despair. PAN to the bird, now wearing his chef’s hat and animal coat, hiccuping and bouncing off.