This is a cartoon set in ‘caveman times,’ featuring a small black boy, Inki, who is drawn to exaggeration (mimicking black face).Begins with a mother lion nursing her cubs. One cub lifts his head as Inki passes and sees the bone in his hair. He stalks after Inki, bounding from his cave and attempting to bite the bone. He eventually grabs it and drags it back to the cave entrance. Once he lets go, Inki’s hair pulls the bone back. The lion runs after and the 2 make eye contact and dash away in a puff of smoke. There is a LS of the mountain side as Inki is chased by the lion around several turns. Cuts to a man cooking in a large cauldron over a fire, he has a white beard, an animal skin coat/hat and a chef’s cap. In the distance Inki and the lion can be seen running towards him, they run into him knocking over his soup. The lion continues chasing Inki, but Inki quickly spots the bird and chases after it. The lion then follows and the 3 walk in line, bouncing together. They reach a plateau with several potholes and the bird jumps into one. Inki jumps after and is followed by the lion, the bird appears in and out of various potholes and Inki and the lion attempt to follow. Cuts to Inki peering out of a hole, the lion then peers out beneath him, and finally the bird who continues walking with Inki and the lion stacked on top of him. When the bird jumps Inki and the lion are thrown to the ground and chase after the bird to a barren tree. They hop in succession attempting to catch the other, there are various jumps, but eventually, the lion and Inki fall from the tree.