This clip is of a cartoon with racist imagery and black characters drawn to mimic black face.Begins with a cotton plantation where black men and women pick cotton as they hum; a man drives by on a wagon pulled by a donkey. Cuts to a large black man being followed by a small, old black man who holds an overflowing bag of cotton. The large man picks the cotton and stuffs it into the bag. Cuts to a man going over the cotton field with a push mower and the cotton flies over his head and into his bag. Inside a building is a machine that a man and woman dump their cotton inside, PAN to the other side of the machine where suits on hangers come flying out and a man pulls the suits along the rod. Behind him is a sign: 100% all wool suits. Cuts back to the plantation where they continue picking cotton and humming. Cuts to a man sleeping on a pile of hay, a swarm of bees or flies hover around him and are pulled and pushed by his breath. PAN to his right where a donkey stands sleeping, an oat bag is around his neck and it contracts with his breath like an accordion. CU of the bees/flies who look irritated. The one in front blows on a whistle and signals the rest to follow him. They fly into the air making a plane, then dive towards the ground. They then fly under the man who screams awake and scratches his head in confusion. He then grabs behind him for a jug filled with alcohol. He licks his lips when an angel appears and wags his finger at the man. Then a devil appears and nods at the man. The angel angrily marches over and shakes his head in the devil’s face, and the devil pulls his halo over his arms before punching the angel in the face. The angel pulls his arms out and punches the devil with each step. The devil then retaliates with the same move. The pair them wrestles with each other and continues punching.