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This home movie shows a trip to Sweden for two young girls, and contains footage of swimming, bathing, and Stockholm.The clip opens on an old man and a young girl swimming in the sea. A girl fixes her hair up on the shore. By a house, a woman cleans the body of the naked girl, roughly scrubbing her arms. Brief shot of one of the girls twirling batons, with a cut back to her sister being washed. The younger girl is again naked in the grass as her sister lounges in a swimsuit in the sun. An old man wears a skirt and smiles for the camera before playing with the young girl. He twirls her around, then cut to shots of the coast from a boat. The following shots are back on land, taken from the top of a hill looking down at the coastline before more shots from the sea. A shot explores the facade of Drottningholm Palace on the island of Lovon. Shot of some of the skyline of Stockholm.