In this home movie clip, a town in Sweden is explored -- its boats, lumber yards, rail lines, and parks -- before farmlands dotted with cows are next shown.The clip opens on a pan of a harbor town with cuts showing other parts of the harbor. Sailboats are docked, then a shot shows a boat floating peacefully on the water. Someone bikes by a square, then the camera shows a fountain in a square. More shots around the town, then the tower of a castle rises above the treetops near a lake. A railroad is shown next, stacks of logs on either side. A Swedish flag waves on the side of a building. Shots of some brick factory buildings and a lumber yard. A large group of people are gathered in a grassy square, then are shown walking about (many wear hats). There is a memorial plaque with a flag waving beside it, then a cut to a pan of some farmlands with cows grazing. Pan of a lake and hills. A woman swims in the water, then there is a shot of a town shot from above.