This clip features footage from Sweden, including a small town, girls swimming, and a grandfather teasing his granddaughter.The clip opens on a shot of a shed in front of the sea. Three people ring out their wet clothes. Shot of a graveyard by a church, then of a gateway. Pan of the coastline with farms reaching for the edge. Shot of houses, then of a town with a prominent steeple. Two girls run toward the camera on a dirt road. Shot of a stately house with a portico. Shot of two girls on a rock island; they swim toward the camera. One of the girls is naked, the other wears a swimsuit. A man pulls up the older of the girls; here she is wearing a dress. Precious footage of children on a playground merry-go-round. The older girl in the dress walks with an old man on a viewing platform. He playfully pokes her butt. Shot of a dam and the rushing water.